Range of Portable Colour Test Monitors

HandySet - Portable Color Test Monitor

The HandySet range of portable test monitors have been designed for use by professional CCTV engineers in both the field and in the workshop. Due to its robust design and compact size, the HandySet is an invaluable tool for all CCTV installation, commissioning and service engineers.


The HandySet incorporates a high quality 4 inch TFT (LCD) colour display module recessed into a robust moulding. The controls are also recessed into the side of the HandySet reducing the risk of accidentally switching the unit on or damaging the controls or connections.


The HandySet is small, lightweight and may be run from either the internal rechargeable battery or from the supplied mains charger. The battery will typically provide up to 4 hours of operation between charges. (This depends upon the model and operating circumstances).


Handset comes in a convenient carry case and is supplied with a tough, real leather case, adjustable neck strap, unique body strap to keep the HandySet facing upwards and the mains charger/power supply. A 150mm (6") extended Sun Shield and an in car charging adaptor are also available as optional accessories.


HandySet range of test monitors carry a 12 months manufacturers guarantee (excluding the battery).


HandySet - Pack


  • Designed for use by all CCTV engineers
  • High quality 4" TFT colour display
  • 3 versions to suit most applications
  • Ideal for both field and workshop use
  • Light, robust and durable construction
  • Recessed connectors and controls
  • Dual BNC connectors
  • Supplied in convenient carry case
  • Internal battery or external mains powered
  • Supplied with battery charger/power supply
  • Leather case with adjustable straps
  • On screen data display of signal levels (HT101T only)


  • Screen Size: 4 inch (101.6mm)
  • TFT Resolution: 480(w) x 234(h) Pixels
  • Video Source: 1 volt p-p composite video
  • Power Source: 12 volts DC internal battery or PSU/charger
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to +40 degrees C
  • Connectors : 2 x BNC, 1 x 2.5mm DC, RCA audio jack (HS101A only)
  • Handyset Dimensions: 180(h) x 150(w) x 80(d) mm
  • Carry Case Dimensions: 320(l) x 295(h) x 130(d) mm
  • HandySet Weight: 1.6kgs
  • In carry case + charger weight: 3kgs


The HandySet ranges includes three products. The HS101 is the standard video-only HandySet, featuring a 4" TFT display. The HS101A includes the same high quality display as the HS101 but also incorporates a 2 1/2 watt internal audio amplifier with RCA jack input connector, internal speaker and volume control.


The HS101T is known as the HandySet technical, this unit has been designed for use by engineers requiring both a portable colour display monitor together with information about the signal levels of the image being displayed. The unit displays the levels on the screen, making them easy to read whilst viewing the image and assists engineers to set up or fault find any composite video signal.


There are 4 levels displayed on the HS101T screen. These are:


-Synchronisation pulse (sync pulse)
-Chroma burst
-Video level
-Internal battery volatage


The display may be switched on or off according to the requirements of the user. If there is no signal present, the HandySet displays a blue information screen with "No Video" message plus the internal battery voltage.

HandySet Displat HS101T

HS101T on screen display





Standard HandySet - PAL - 4 TFT display, leather case, charger & plastic carry case. Unit has a battery life of approximately 2 hours between charges.


HandySet Audio - PAL - 4” TFT display, 2 watt audio amplifier & speaker. RCA phono connector, leather case, charger & plastic carry case. Unit has a battery life of approximately 2 ½ hours between charges.


HandySet Technical - PAL- including on screen display of the Chroma Burst, Sync Pulse and Video Levels as well as the internal battery voltage. A display on/off switch is also fitted to enable the display to be switched on or off. Unit includes leather case, charger, plastic carry case