The Flexible, Completely Modular CCTV Telemetry/Matrix System

UBS2000 with an X2150 Control Unit


One of the main advantages of the Telematrix system is the relative ease in which both large and small matrix systems may be conceived and assembled from a selection of only five basic components. The five main components forming the Telematrix are the Enclosure, the CPU Card, the Input Card, the Output Card and the Input Device (keyboards etc.). Cards simply slide into the enclosure on nylon card guides and secured by two small screws. Keyboards are connected by a flexible 4 core telephone lead and plug into the Telematrix using standard BT plugs (X2110, X2120) or via a standard 4 pair CAT5 cable terminating on RJ45 IDC connectors (X2140).


Main features:

* 8 outputs & keyboards on each single matrix, expandable to a maximum 64 by connecting up to 8 matrices in parallel


Download Literature - UBS2000.pdf (487KB)