X-Assist X3200 USB CCTV
Joystick Controller


X3100 CCTV USB Joystick Controller


£299 (ex VAT)


Introducing the new X-Assist USB Keyboard from NG Systems

X-Assist is the latest, new generation USB joystick controller from NG Systems, specifically designed to provide maximum independent control of Milestone’s XProtect® video management software. It features 39 dedicated keys and an industry-standard, three-axis, multi-function joystick which operates as a standard PTZ controller in Live Mode and provides jog, shuttle and speed control functions in Playback Mode. Additional features include Audio ‘Talk’ control and a special ‘Mouse’ mode that allows the joystick to function as a standard mouse pointing device.







Download Brochure - x3200.pdf (3,330kb)

Download Instruction Manual - X_Assist_Instructions.pdf (669kb)