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Focus Indicator FM1


Focus Level Meter FM1

This unit will allow fine adjustment of overall focus of a CCTV camera, especially useful whenever a monitor is not available. It operates by analysing the detail in the centre of the picture and provides a 10 bar LED readout, displaying maximum output when the camera image is in sharpest focus. An input impedance switch provides selection between terminated (75Ω) and unterminated (high impedance) input.


The focus meter operates by analysing and measuring the picture detail at the centre of the picture. Since picture detail will vary from scene to scene, the meter automatically adjusts its display range to provide an optimum readout.



Input impedance

High Z / 75Ω

Power source

PP3 Alkaline battery


30mA (max)

Dimensions (overall)

118 x 60 x 29mm


80g (with battery 125g)



Ideal for adjustment of manually focused cameras, especially where the camera location makes it difficult to monitor the output. Even when a test monitor is available, it is sometimes difficult to determine the sharpest focus due to excessive ambient lighting whereas the FM1 LED display shows an unambiguous peak at optimum focus.



Focuc Level Meter FM1 Demo



Download Literature - fm1.pdf (181kb)



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