Ranger CCTV Test Equipment

Phase Meter PM1

Ranger Phase Meter PM1

The Phase Meter PM1 provides a simple method of synchronising the field sync of two line locked CCTV cameras without the need of a dual-beam oscilloscope.


This unit has a 10 bar, LED display to indicate the sync. phase relationship between two video cameras. Phase synchronisation is achieved whenever all LEDs are extinguished.


A single switch provides selection of 75Ω/HiZ termination for both inputs.



Video system

625 line CCIR

Input impedance

High Z / 75Ω

Power source

PP3 Alkaline battery


12.5 mA (max)

Dimensions (overall)

118 x 60 x 29mm


85g (with battery 130g)



Phase Meter PM1 Illustration




Download Literature - pm1.pdf (187kb)



Ranger CCTV Test Equipment Ranger CCTV Test Equipment

The Phase Meter PM1 is just part of the innovative and portable Ranger series of CCTV test equipment. Click here to discover the whole range