Ranger CCTV Test Equipment

Test Card Generator TCG1

Ranger Test Card Generator TCG1

This generator provides a standard 75O, 1-volt p-p; PAL encoded CCIR video signal for the testing of monitors and other CCTV equipment. The Test Card Generator TGC1 may display one of four test patterns , (i) Colour bars with reference, (ii) Red Raster, (iii) Peak White Raster and (iv) Composite Test Card (see picture below). The Test Card Pattern incorporates many of the attributes of broadcast test patterns for the evaluation and setting up of CCTV video equipment.




1 volt p-p into 75Ω

Line frequency

15,625 Hz

Field frequency

50Hz interlaced

Chroma subcarrier frequency

4.43381875 MHz

Colour system


Power source

PP3 Alkaline battery


50mA (off load)

Dimensions (overall)

118 x 60 x 29mm


80g (with battery 125g)


Mains power adapter



Ranger Test Card Generator Test Patterns




Download Literature - tcg1.pdf (200kb)



Ranger CCTV Test Equipment Ranger CCTV Test Equipment

The Test Card Indicator TCG1 is just part of the innovative and portable Ranger series of CCTV test equipment. Click here to discover the whole range