Ranger CCTV Test Equipment

VideoStik VSS1

Video Sensing Device

VideoStik - Video Sensing Device

VideoStik is the latest addition to the successful Ranger series of CCTV test equipment from NG systems. This low-cost, battery-operated video sensing device will detect the presence of standard 1v p to p video by simply probing the BNC terminated cable.


There are no switches or buttons - VideoStik is powered up only when a valid signal is applied.


VideoStik is housed in a sturdy aluminium tubular enclosure with a translucent nylon indicator tip that glows red whenever a video signal is detected!




180 x 20mm

Weight (excluding batteries)


Power source

2 x AA batteries



Input impedance






Download Literature - videostik.pdf (5.4MB)



Ranger CCTV Test Equipment Ranger CCTV Test Equipment

The VideoStik just part of the innovative and portable Ranger series of CCTV test equipment. Click here to discover the whole range