Joystick Controller

As suggested by Milestone!

X3100 CCTV USB Joystick Controller


The NG Systems X3100 USB joystick controller is designed specifically for IP video surveillance systems and features a sturdy, 3-axis, industry standard joystick and 21 user-defined push buttons ergonomically arranged to suit many video applications (layout optimized for Milestone software).


The keyboard’s sturdy mild-steel construction allows for single-handed joystick control and the intuitively placed push-buttons enable the keyboard to be operated without taking your eyes off the screen.


The X3100 is powered directly from the PC’s USB port and is automatically installed by the Windows operating system.



Plug-in Views

For users of Milestone's XProtect® Smart Client, NG Systems has developed a new, FREE XProtect® Smart Client plug-in which enhances the X3100 useablility. Using the X3100's function buttons, users can bring up an semi-opaque menu system allowing fast and accurate control over the XProtect® Smart Client application. Enhancements include :

  • Selection of any system View by name
  • Selection of any system Camera by name
  • Selection of PTZ cameras Presets by name, if available
  • Coarse and fine jog using the joystick whilst Browsing
  • Playback speed adjustment whilst Browing
  • Quick and accurate date and time navigation

For a demonstration please view the second video below. The X3100 Plug-in is constantly under development and new features can be added at any time. Customisation of the Plug-in is also available.



The X3100 XProtect® Smart Client Plug-in is available now and registration is a requirement for download. Register free here!








  • Easy install - simply plug into a free USB slot
  • Powered directly from PC
  • 21 user-defined buttons
  • Free Milestone XProtect® Smart Client Plug-in for enhanced use
  • High-quality industry-standard joystick
  • Compatible with a wide variety of video
  • Highly stable base for single handed operation
  • Custom designed overlays available
  • Dimension - 305 x 190 x 55 mm
  • Weight - 1.7 Kg

Download Literature - x3100.pdf (4,157kb)